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language learners
with native speakers
for on-demand
language practice
& cultural exchange
over video chat

The best way to master a foreign language
and learn about another culture

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100+ Universities

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70,000+ Sessions

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12 Countries

The best way...

User Feedback

“The impact it makes is crucial - what you learn in class is completely irrelevant if you don't practice speaking with someone. Book Spanish is hardly the same as actual conversational Spanish.”

Why Conversifi?


Real conversations in the target language with fascinating people from around the world. 


Conversation guides on interesting topics that map to the learner's level and to other popular language learning textbooks and apps.

RealTime feedback

After each session, learners and coaches exchange helpful, personalized feedback. Sessions are also recorded so learners can review their progress.

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Use Conversifi at your convenience. Log on, select your language, select your topic, and hit "connect". Conversifi is language immersion on-demand.

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